Herbaria 3.0

Dawn Sanders


Plants are everywhere and everyone has a story to tell about a plant.

Stories have always served people as a way to keep connections alive. Herbaria 3.0 invites you to share your story of the plants that inhabit your world.

We welcome all kinds of plant stories, whether they be written, recorded, or drawn. Send us your favorite plant photographs and tell us the story behind the image. Interview an elder about a plant they remember or used as food or medicine. Do you have a tattoo of a plant? Tell us about it. Share a child’s picture and description of a favorite plant. Check out our Snap Story page and send us your stories on the fly or share your plant pictures on our Instagram page! 

We believe that 21st-century storytelling about plants not only helps us understand their long-standing impact on people throughout time, but also that this kind of storytelling helps us learn to care for nonhuman environments under threat in our climate-changing times.


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