The future of work

Giedre Kligyte 

The Future of Work Exhibition explored experimental futures through experiential artworks produced by xFutures Lab at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Three artworks were installed within the creative spaces of the UTS Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit situated within the Ultimo creative industries and startup precinct.

Originating from UTS Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation, these artworks integrated diverse disciplinary perspectives and knowledge, reconfiguring the present to experience possible futures. The artworks exhibited include:

Open Office – an experimental future challenging audiences to question the true cost of an economy that privileges access over ownership.
Artists: Kevin Millingham, Hannah Maher, Isabella Brown, and Ben Draper

Oracle Analytica – an experiential future that asks participants to think about how their relationship with Artificial Intelligence may develop, and the kinds of work we might do.
Artists: Maddie Cartmer Matt Byers, Lana Hodgkinson, Juliette Kidston-Lattari, and Delayne Sternbeck-Rutter

Leisureland – is set in a future where advancements in technology have surpassed the need for human labour.
Artists: Emily Mundzic, Francine Crimmins, Llewellyn Thomas, and Sophie Weston

The ‘Future of Work’ Exhibition is produced by Barbara Dorran, Giedre Kligyte, Claire Marshall, Susanne Pratt, and Nicole Vincent. The exhibition is part of the Creative Industries Knowledge Hub, a partnership between UTS and NSW Government.

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