Video conversations

The video conversations feature the projects and practices of network members. Collectively the conversations generate a cartography of speculations and ideas about possible futures. All the videos are available via the links below.

Kimbal Bumstead

In this conversation, Kimbal Bumstead talks about his project Sonic Landscapes.

Dr Sarah-Jane Moore

In this conversation, Sarah-Jane talks about her work with the Sydney rock oysters, and her publication project River Business

Leah Sandler

In this conversation, Leah talks about her creative practice in the Centre for Post-Capitalist History project

A/prof Alys Longley

In this conversation, Alys talks about her transdisciplinary practice across mapping, writing, collaboration, and dance

Dr Juliana España Keller

In this conversation, Juliana talks about her sound and performance practice, and her creative artist residency project

Dr Nancy Mauro-Flude

In this conversation, Nancy talks about her feminist digital practice, and her recent projects

Dr Denise Chapman

In this conversation, Denise talks about her narrative writing practice and the Volume project

Dr Sarah Crinall

In this conversation, Sarah talks about her creative blogging and the Sustaining Childhood Natures project

Adam Duncan

In this conversation, Adam talks about his art practice and his Australian story project for the National Museum of Australia

A/prof Susan Nordstrom

In this conversation, Susan talks about her research into the development of experimental methodologies

Jacklyn Brickman

In this conversation, Jacklyn talks about her artistic practice with the Department of Planetary Futures.

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