Pyro bodies

Sophia Flo Dacy-Cole

“Pyro Bodies” is a meal for collectively digesting Black Summer. The 90-minute interactive performance returns participants’ oral histories of the summer to them with playfulness, grief, and a lot of soil touching. The work is deeply embedded in place and local community; it’s re-designed from the ground up (quite literally) each time.

Artivist sibling team Sophia Dacy-Cole and Mils D-C are 50% sculptor/fabricator/researcher, 50% community organiser/peer support worker/food artist, and 100% ex-ratbag blockaders and tree-huggers. They combine their powers to collect deep and empathic activist oral histories. 

They are currently divining for the next location to offer Pyro Bodies. They are looking for a community with activists, and first responders that will accept a beautiful disintegrating humus sculpture as a gift at the end of the performance. All leads and love appreciated.

This project was brought into being by the Ainslie and Gorman house Live Art Lab grant and the generous mentorship of Jen Rae and Lara Thoms.

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