Under pressure

Leah Sandler

Under Pressure

March 8 – July 31, 2021

Submissions accepted until July

Open Parking Lot: May 14, 6pm-9pm

Under Pressure, an experimental juried exhibition, continues to evolve at CO-OPt Research + Projects. Under Pressure aims to create dialogue between artists and art works about the myriad pressures of the contemporary moment: the pressures we exert as well as the pressures placed upon us. Because of the continuing threat of the spread of COVID-19, the exhibition is designed for viewing from outside the gallery only. Audio elements of the exhibition can be listened to by tuning a radio to KOOPT 89.9, a low-powered FM radio station, while in the vicinity of the gallery. Optimal viewing time for the video piece in the show is between 6pm and 10pm daily. This exhibition will change and evolve throughout its run. As new submissions are received, art works will be added, moved, or removed from the gallery. Some works may stay in the space for longer than others. Each new work added to the exhibition will act as a reflection of one set of circumstances and the initiation of another.


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