Public Kitchen

Juliana España Keller

The ‘Public Kitchen’ was held in Hobart, Tasmania to inspire social justice through re-imagining how public infrastructures can help improve our way of life. The Public Kitchen project was co-led by Kenneth Bailey, co-founder of US-based initiative, ds4si (the Design Studio for Social Intervention), alongside Dorita Hannah, Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts at the University of Tasmania, and Maria Lurighi from the Conservatorium of Music. The initiative encouraged the use of spaces where activists, artists, academics and the larger public came together to imagine new approaches to social change and alternative angles to address complex social issues. The Public Kitchen is an on-going example of one space and is a model developed by ds4si to create and expand the “social room” idea in urban environments. For this occasion, The Public Kitchen was hosted with the support of Brickworks Design Studio, MONA’s 24 Carrot Garden initiative, the Hill Street Grocer and KK projects.

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