Black Diasporas Melbourne project

The Project The Black Diasporas Melbourne project is an expansion of the New York City pilot; a digital mapping project that documents experience of the city as told by people of African heritage. We are working towards creating a platform which has more nuanced African-Australian narratives: life stories that go beyond the usual narrative of tragedy or heroism. TheContinue reading “Black Diasporas Melbourne project”

The Children’s Sensorium

The Children’s Sensorium is part of the Big Anxiety festival which runs until early October. The Sensorium has a program of activities for children aged 4 – 11 years, curated by artists, play scholars, creative movement dancers, and early years experts. There are immersive installations and activities throughout the program and it’s free. We hopeContinue reading “The Children’s Sensorium”

Recording of New Directions in Radical Cartography book launch

Earlier in February, the LivingMaps network hosted a launch of their latest collaborative effort: Cohen, P. & Duggan, M. (Eds.) (2021) New Directions in Radical Cartography: Why the Map is Never the Territory. Rowman & Littlefield. Many members of Mapping Future Imaginaries contributed to the book, so check out the video recording of the eventContinue reading “Recording of New Directions in Radical Cartography book launch”

River Business and the Magic Tides at SJEC conference

MFI member Sarah Jane Moore will be presenting on her research at the 17th Social Justice in Early Childhood conference. The event takes place online via Facebook Live on July 31st, 8.45am – 4.30pm AEST. The link to the event is:

Event: Disorganising Metabolisms

As part of ‘Disorganising’ Marrickville School of Economics are collaborating with the School of Instituting Otherwise and the Food Art Research Network to explore economies that foster circularity, interdependence and establish bio-culturally diverse principles that circumvent capitalist paradigms of risk and profit. The workshop explores how artist led economies are reimagining collective health in a metabolicContinue reading “Event: Disorganising Metabolisms”

Call for Special Issue: Livingmaps Review

Livingmaps Review are opening a call for guest editors to produce a special issue of the journal for autumn 2022. The process will be in the hands of the guest editors, and you will be given full editorial freedom throughout, but you will have support from the team during the production phase. Proposals on themesContinue reading “Call for Special Issue: Livingmaps Review”